Logging into the EUSD App on a Student iPad

The EUSD app should already be installed on the student iPad.

If it is not installed you can install it from the Self Service app. Just search for EUSD.

Once installed, open the app and choose to "Allow" notifications.

To enlarge the app on the iPad screen click the double-arrow icon in the bottom right of the screen.

To get to Rooms click the Rooms icon.

You may need to scroll the screen to see the Google icon.

Click on the Google icon.

Sign in with the student 6 digit EUSD lunch number followed by "@eusd.org".

On the next screen enter the lunch number again and the lunch number password.

You will now see the Stream page (shows announcements and classwork together) for the student's first class. Click on "Classes" in the bottom left of the screen to change the class.

Choose a class to view.

Click "Menu" to get to Stream (announcements and classwork), Messages, Classwork, and Class Info. 

Choose Messages to create or view a message to a teacher.

Make sure you are in the correct class and click the "+" symbol to start a new message. To change classes, click "Classes" at the bottom left of the screen.

You will get a popup notification on the iPad if the teacher messages back to you.