First-time setup of FaxFinder Client software

If it's your first time sending a fax, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Open the FaxFinder client software by double clicking the FaxFinder icon in the task bar (small blue and white circle)
  2. Click the "Fax Servers" button
  3. Click "Add" on the Fax Servers window
  4. Enter "fax.eusd.org" into the Server Address field, and your EUSD credentials into the Username and Password fields
  5. Click on "OK"
  6. Verify that you are connected to the server
  7. Click on "Close"

Note: these steps must be done once per user per computer.

Receiving Faxes

You will receive faxes in your site's Admin drive (usually the I: drive), in a folder called "Faxes". You will also receive an email notification that a fax has been received, depending on the configuration agreed to between the site Office Manager and Technology Services; usually, to all site/department clerks, health techs, office manager/secretary, and any other personnel that will regularly receive faxes at a given site.

Note: the links that are contained in the notification email DO NOT WORK. The notification is simply a notice to go check the I: drive.

Sending Faxes

The FaxFinder Client software is installed automatically on all admin PCs, and can be installed on Macs by searching for "Fax" in Self Service and installing the application, as shown here:

Sending a fax using the FaxFinder client software

  1. Print a document to Multi-Tech FaxFinder
  2. Enter recipients by clicking To and filling out information, or by choosing from the address book via the Contacts button. Important: don't forget that like all district phone calls, dialing out requires the "8" prefix at the front.
  3. Note that there are global contacts that include all sites, EEEA and Vista Hill fax lines, and others can be added on request.
  4. Add a cover page if desired
  5. Verify that the document is in Selected Attachments (it will always be added by default if you've started the process by printing to the FaxFinder printer)
  6. Click "Send"
  7. If desired, click "Refresh" to watch the status of the fax send process, but this is not necessary: the client can be closed and you can continue other work.
  8. If the fax fails to send, you will receive an email notification with details. Logs are available in the "Sent" and "Received" tabs of the FaxFinder software, but these logs are purged automatically every Sunday per district policy. These logs show faxes sent per user, not per site fax number.

When the entry disappears from the "Scheduled" tab, you can click on the "Sent" tab for details such as whether the fax was sent successfully: